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- NEW material to the goodies box
- Second assessment available for download (from this evening)
Good luck =]
- NEW post about genres - this is NOT necessary for exam or essay, but may be of interest to you...


**Posted by Hellray at 10:33 PM

Dear Intro to Cinema class. Welcome to the new BLOG =]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Should I be surprised to be the first to tag...
    or that I am the only one to comment?
    Hello Doc and fellow students

  1. Ritu says:

    Hi,uhhhh!! finally got place to post comments...
    last lesson we did the screenplay of one of the scenes of Virgin's Suicides. Yeah was really funny when all the boys were acting as girls! haha!
    And enjoyed being the part of it!! I think everyone did!!:-)

  1. Anx says:

    @Hellray, can you add 'newer' and 'older' posts options under Nikki's blogs/Dray's blogs? Because there's none and we can't go to previous posts, unless we open each post.
    Thanx! :)

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