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- Major characters in Do the Right Thing -

**Posted by Hellray at 7:44 PM

- Main protagonist of the film, also is the director/writer (Spike Lee).
- Seems to be the only African-American that has a job.
- Often says
 'I gotsta get paid' and 'Get a job!' 
- Mookie doesn't show much interest in the neighbourhood, only interested in money.

- Owner of the only Italian Pizzeria in the neighbourhood.
- Is the father of Pino and Vito, and is also Mookie's boss.
- Nice and kind guy, he has been working in the Pizzeria for 25 years.
- To make his problems disappear, he often throws money at them to make them go away (etc. to Da Mayor and Smiley)
"Extra cheese is two dollars."

- Works with his father and brother at the Pizzeria
-Against African-Americans, however he idolizes famous 'Black' people.
- Often fights with his brother, Vito.
"Take your pizza and get the f*** back to Africa."

- The younger son of Sal, and brother to Pino.
- Seems to be close with Mookie
 "See, Pop, it's just what I was telling ya, every time you tell Pino what to do, he tells me to do what you told him what to do. "

- A big man with a boombox who roams the street blasting "Fight The Power".
- Owns brass knuckle rings with 'Love' and 'Hate' on them
- Is known by everyone in the hood, people tend to be scared of him.
- White cops kill him at the end during the riot.
- "
Put some extra mozzarella on that motherf***er"

- Always seems to be bothered by something... (No 'brothers' on the wall, and dirt on his shoes)
- Has a massive urge to boycott Sal's Pizzeria
- Was told to boycott his hair dresser instead
- This actor is ironically part-Italian in real life.
"Yo Mookie! (What?) Stay Black."

- Mookie's elder sister
- She lets her brother stay in her apartment
- Opposite to Buggin' Out, she wants to improve the community instead of make matters worse.
- Seems to be close to Sal
- "Stop breathing down my neck! Your breath stinks!"

-Usually intoxicated, often called "Drunk Old Man"
- Sal pays him occassionally to clean up the street
- Has a thing for Mother-Sister, even buys roses for her
- Attempts to say the right things, but not many people listen because it doesn't make sense.
"Doctor!" (What?) "Always do the right thing." (That's it?) "That's it". 

- Always sits on her window sill, keeping a "watchful eye" on the neighbourhood
- Gets annoyed at Da Mayor for being a "drunk fool"
-"Hold your tongue! You don't have that much love."

- Mookie's Puerto-Rican girlfriend
- Seems to have fights with her mother
- Has an African-American son with Mookie
-"Trust you? The last time I trusted you, Mookie, I ended up with a son."

- A mentally retarded man, who sells postcards to the neighbourhood
- Joins up with Radio Raheem and Buggin' Out at the end to boycott Sal's Pizzeria
- Puts photos of Malcolm X and MLK jr on Sal's wall
- "One of the police was black!" 

- Contantly shows up throughout the film, he is the narrator of the movie
- Supplies music for the neighbourhood, everyone seems to listen to his radio station
 "Yo! Hold up! Time out! TIME OUT! Y'all take a chill! Ya need to cool that shit out! And that's the double truth, Ruth! "

- These guys observe the community, and make funny comments often
- They can see the problem, but like many others, don't do anything to fix the problem
- "You wanna boycott someone? You ought to start with the goddamn barber that f***ed up your head."

- Own the only grocery shop in the neighbourhood
- They get abused often by the African-Americans
- They ran out of Da Mayor's favourite beer.
"Motherf*** you!"

- This group wander around the neighbourhood, trying to find fun and enjoyment
- Often pick on Da Mayor for being so old and drunk
- They have been going to Sal's Pizzeria since they were little kids
"Da Mayor... D.A for Drunk Ass!"

Hope this helps ... There are quite alot of characters in this movie, so just wanted to clear up any confusion. 

And that's the triple truth, Ruth!

Dr Dray =]

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